Research Guides

As a guide to you, we've pulled together documents from the collection highlighting several major themes of research into North Carolina history.

Agriculture in North Carolina

field of corn

Farming and agriculture have been an important part of North Carolina’s economy throughout its history. Today, North Carolina’s agriculture industry, including food, fiber and forestry, contributes around $76 billion to the state’s economy. This guide, while in no way comprehensive, is a compilation of resources for those interested in the industry, history and culture of North Carolina agriculture. Read more

Court Reports

Justice building in Raleigh

Court Reports are the official decisions of the North Carolina Supreme Court, called North Carolina Reports, and the North Carolina Court of Appeals, called North Carolina Court of Appeals Reports. These opinions are broadly cited in legal literature. Read more

Data Resources Guide

North Carolina population chart 1790-2010

The State Library of North Carolina is a Coordinating Agency of the State Data Center. Contact us for assistance with demographic questions regarding North Carolina geographies. Read more

Everything NC

North Carolina state capitol building

This guide is a sampler of resources about North Carolina government that can be found in the NC Government and Heritage Library and online through the State Library’s website, as well as other state government websites and digitized collections created by libraries and cultural institutions around the state. Read more

Legislative Journals

North Carolina state capitol building

These journals, kept during sessions of the General Assembly, document the day-to-day business of the Senate and House of Representatives (known as the House of Commons until 1868) and offer a wealth of detailed information. Read more

North Carolina Financial Publications

budget bar chart

North Carolina state government creates a budget, collects revenue from many sources, and spends money on projects and services. These publications open the book on the management of these monies. Read more

North Carolina Health Publications

The North Carolina State Government Publications Collection contains thousands of documents pertaining to health. This guide provides a list of important selected publications by topic. Read more

North Carolina Legislative History

North Carolina state capitol building

This guide provides information on researching North Carolina's legislative history, understanding legislative vs. statutory history, how to navigate the laws, and more. Read more

North Carolina State Budget

North Carolina State Seal

This guide on North Carolina budget publications is intended to help citizens access information on current and past budgets. It is important to remember that the State's fiscal year begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th. Read more

North Carolina's Military History

Military History of North Carolina

North Carolina's military has played a large part in the development of the state, as well as the United States. Troops that originated from and served in North Carolina have taken part in wars ranging from the American Revolution, to the Civil War, to current involvements. Read more

Public Documents of North Carolina

Painting of North Carolina state capitol building

The Public Documents of North Carolina series is a great starting point to learn about the workings of North Carolina's government. Covering the period of 1831-1919, each volume compiles executive and legislative documents produced for the year's session of the General Assembly. Read more

Session Laws of North Carolina

North Carolina state capitol building

All the ratified (agreed upon) bills and resolutions in a given session of the North Carolina General Assembly, which is our state legislature, arranged in the order in which they became law. Read more

State Publications about African Americans

African Americans in North Carolina

The following guide is not an exhaustive list of all documents that contain information about African Americans in the North Carolina State Government Publications collection. Read more

Transportation in North Carolina (Highways)

Interstate interchange

This guide provides publications, maps, reports and other information about the highways of North Carolina now, in the past and even looking into the future. Read more

Women in North Carolina

Women in North Carolina.

The history of North Carolinian women is extensive and varied. This study guide chronicles the changes that have taken place over the years regarding the conditions in the life of women of all races and socioeconomic levels. Read more

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